I have a few biddies hatching out as i type.. our war horse fowl are excellent fowl. i;ve bred him into my red quill and red fox greystags came out excellent.lots of acknowledged color scheme.
Redquill Biddies

april 11

Oakridge gamefarm hens for sale. free auction that has everything you need. gamefowl poultry supplies, oakridge gamefarm.
 I got a trio from mel last december and have biddies out of them mel sims hatch trio of mel sims hatch straight comb. hens look like pumpkind colors like if redquill.
  Bob;s biddies hatchery,llc, bob berry, 2155 weaver dr., ray city, ga 31645. 229-455-6437. <bobsbiddies@live.com> <www.bobsbiddies.webs.com> professionally raised chicks.  

From dr. fred saunders and crossed him over some hens that a blend of redquill and over 9 shelton roundhead hens (some yellow legs and some white) and all the biddies.
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